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Kalita H., Alam S., Kalita D., Chernykh A., Tarnavchyk I., Bahr J., Samanta S., Jayasooriyama A, Fernando S., Selvakumar S. et al..  2014.  Chapter 16: Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Soybean Oil-Based Polymers and Their Application in Coatings Cured by Autoxidation, American Chemical Society (ACS) Symposium Series (Vol. 1178), Washington..
Hossain M.E., Almeelbi T., Ritt C., Bezbaruah A..  2014.  Mechanisms of Phosphate Removal by Metal Cross-linked Biopolymers, Proc. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress.  (74.19 KB)
Bezbaruah A..  2014.  Nanotechnology Applications for Pollutant Removal and Nutrient Recovery: Opportunities for Indo-US Collaborations. Invited Lecture at National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India.
Bezbaruah A., Deka P., Sharma A, Grosz A., Sharma A., Gu C., Tibbles J., Swaminathan P., Jacob D., Otte M. et al..  2014.  Ramification of Presence of Nanomaterials in the Water Environment: Plant-Nanomaterial Interaction Studies, World Environmental & Water Resources Congress, Portland, OR.
Bezbaruah A..  2014.  Use of Natural and Nature Derived Polymers to Enhance Nanoparticle Performance in Pollutant Removal and Nutrient Recovery. Invited Lecture at the International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: Global Trend, Cotton Co.
Bezbaruah A..  2014.  Water Sustainability Research by Middle and High School Students: Creating a Global Forum for the Exchange of Ideas, World Environmental & Water Resources Congress, Portland, OR.