Use of Silver Nanoparticles as an Alternative to Conventional Fungicides to Manage White Mold in Soybeans


Researchers: Chapara, V. (PI), Bezbaruah, A. N (Co-PI)

Project Sponsor: North Dakota Soybean Council (2017-July 2018)


Soybean is the leading oilseed crop produced and consumed worldwide. North Dakota (ND) saw an increase of 2970 thousand acres (74%) of soybean production (total 7 million acres of soybean in ND) in 2014-15 compared to 2013-14, and the increase was 2% for the whole of the US. As the acreage of soybean increased, so has the importance of soybean diseases and pests control. One of the pest of interest in soybean is white mold. Keeping in view of importance of white mold pathogen control, this research will generate information on a novel white mold management tool; silver nanoparticles alone and in combination with a biological agent will be tried. The information can be used by growers as a guide in decision-making process to select appropriate alternative to the currently available fungicide treatments. Yield and quality data from the field studies will be available.